Why Intros are necessary for your Videos?

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Why Intros are necessary for your Videos?

When you meet someone, your Introduction becomes the point of inception, likewise, when a video is started, the Intro becomes that inception. Video Intros are imperative to present your Company or Brand. They make the Videos more professional, modern and memorable.

The Short sequence of 8-10 seconds at the beginning of a video might not sound that important, but as a fact of the matter, it is the most important part of the Video. It’s the only chance to create a lasting first impression on your viewers.

Have you ever thought, in spite of putting so much in your Videos, why aren’t you still able to build your Brand? Coz, it’s a perfect Intro, which you’re lagging behind!

So, if you’ve been making Videos without an Intro, it’s the high time to start! Why?

We’ll tell you why Intros are necessary for your Videos?

1. Intros unveil a Brand

Intro are made with the purpose to reveal your Brand to your viewers. Having a Logo animation along with your Tagline in your Intros adds more credibility to you Brand and channel. Even if you have only one video, doesn’t matter, create an Intro for it. And this way, people will remember you by your Brand and won’t call you like, “the makeup channel girl” or “the cooking show lady”, etc. So, to make your brand reach your viewers, it becomes necessary to create an amazing Intro for your video.

2. Makes viewers remember your brand

With a bright and lively logo animation right in the beginning following your Brand and tagline reveal, your Brand gets stuck in the viewers’ minds and thus, they easily remember your Brand.

3. Better conversion rate

Since a video Intro captivates your Viewers for longer and brings them too, for the first time. Thereby, giving a rise in your conversion rates.

4. Makes videos more professional

A well-created Intro + Main Content + An Outro = An Amazing Video

This is how the hierarchy goes for making a Professional video. A good Intro not only adds value to your Brand but also makes your Video more professional.

5. Captivates your viewers

When a video starts with animating your Logo and tagline and portraying your Brand, it builds a kind of curiosity in the viewers about you. When you just give a glimpse of your work, in the beginning, they want to know more about you and your services. So, adding an Intro in the beginning accelerates that curiosity.


These are not just the reasons why Intros are necessary for your Videos, these are the methodology of how your Intros work these out? It captures the viewers’ attention and takes them towards your main content. The Intros generate a strong visual in their viewers’ brains. The logo, tagline and its stunning animation captivates the viewers and generates curiosity in them about your brand.

As they say, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It perfectly applies here. So, use your one and only chance to make a smashing first impression in the best way possible. And what do we need for it? The answer is simple – An Intro.

And where to go other than Arc Solutions to get a high-end Intro for your video. From free intros to pro ones, Arc Solutions have everything in their gunny bags. And to make the most out of it, Custom Intros are what you gonna love the most. All you have to do is log in to the website, give your requirements and grab a mind-blowing intro.

Quickly get one and makes your videos ground-breaking!

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