Why do you need an Intro and Outro?

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Why do you need an Intro and Outro?

How’d it be like just opening the door and walking into someone’s house without knocking? Sounds unpleasant, isn’t? Yeah, exactly same it is when creating your videos without intro and outros. You can’t directly jump straight into the main content without letting people know who you are? Now, do you still think why do you need an Intro and Outro?

When you’re about to create any video, it becomes necessary to have an intro before the video and an outro after it. It might not sound quite useful at the creator’s end and they might skip it or shorten the intro-outros length, but for a dedicated YouTube viewer, an intro for every video enforces your channel’s identity and will give the first-time viewer an impression of what your channel is all about.

Still not persuaded? Wait, we have strong reasons to prove, why do you need an Intro and Outro?

1. Makes an excellent first impression:

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Your Intro is gonna be the first thing your audiences will see, and as they ‘The first impression is the last impression’, so start with a Bang on. Ad if it fun and notable, your audiences will be more likely to engage with the content and share it.

2. Brands your video:


Intros help people recognize and remember your channel and products quickly. And the more quickly they become familiar with you, the more likely they gonna come back to you and stay with you. And so, that’s for a reason, big companies spend so much on logos, colors, and branding.

3. Hints your business:

What’s the point bumping straight right into the main content? Give your audiences an idea about who you are, what your business is about so that they could connect with you right from the inception of your video. Seed your story right from your Intro.

4. Makes your viewers follow you:

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How’d your viewers follow you, if they aren’t provided with any way to do so? And thus, Outros are that guide to let your viewers follow you on all platforms. A Call-to-Action is the most important part of the video.

5. Short and sweet:

It’s a matter of just 8-10 seconds. Short, sweet and crisp, yet effective.

6. Makes your videos professional:


Starting your videos with an Intro and ending it with an Outro presents a more professional image of you and your brand. Thus, augments the brand of your product and channel.


And it doesn’t end with just creating and placing an intro-outro in your video, having a professional design style for your intro and outro is probably the best guarantee of nailing it.

When your viewers see your Intros, it kind of sets the tone and track of your upcoming content, brings more curiosity among them and thus energizes it over and all. It is something your audience becomes familiar within seconds and trust on this, they will grow attached to it. Might sound something unbelievable but is the fact.

So, it’s really important to think about it strategically and creatively before you get started, coz it’s the base of the future production. And bumping into some free online intro makers might save your time and money for now, but won’t be able to build your Brand and engage viewers.
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