What makes a good Video Intro?

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What makes a good video intro?

A good video builds your Brand Identity and amplifies your conversion rates. It pushes your business in the right direction. Videos have the highest conversion rates so far and it is yet to grow by the years to come.

But, all these facts are of no use, if no one watches your videos past the first few seconds. No doubt, a good video intro can make or break your success. They are what will attract your ideal viewer, repel the wrong one, and get your audience to keep watching whenever you publish.

Video intros are by far the most watched sections of your videos. Since your video intro is the first thing your viewer will see as the video starts, thus it must make an impact to get viewers to return. Taking the first 8-10 seconds of your video, the intro starts with a short title and logo animation with a background music that explains what your video is about. It sets the tone, expectations, and even the personality behind the video.

Your video intro is your chance to make a great first impression. It’s the first few seconds that will greatly influence how they feel about you. So, you can’t just slap a little sequence at the beginning of your video and just say it you nailed it. So, what are the things that make a good Intro? How’ll your Video intro stand out and do its job?

Here are the key actions to take when planning to make an Intro:

1. Be precise of your Intro length

On an average, a good Intro lies between 8-10 seconds mark. But, a few high-end intros might go up to 20 seconds. So, the most winning tip here is to keep the length of your Video Intros as long as it needs, i.e. the video demands. Neither too long nor too short.

Recent viewers analytics study showed that 50% of viewers dropped off around 20 seconds, which means that on videos with longer intros, they dropped off even before any of the actual content started.


2. Be clear and concise

Be clear and evident with your Brand right from the beginning. Your intros should hint your brand. Choose a sequence that illustrates your work, Brand, and services in 8 seconds. Don’t roam around the bush because you’ve got only 8 seconds to make it through. Capture your audiences then and there only.


3. Create sound-off viewing experience

There are times when your viewers might not be able to hear you, reasons being any. At that moment of time, they’re just watching your video with sound-off. So, how will they remember you?

Obviously, by colors, name and immediate topic reveal with on-screen text. If they see it for the first time, they’ll see the color palette matches the logo on our profile photo. If they see it again, they’ll notice that they’ve seen something similar before.

This technique will make you recognizable even when your name or logo isn’t very obvious.


4. The background music

Pay a special attention to the background music of your Intro. It should match your main content and your Brand. Be very specific when choosing the background music.


5. Give a way to follow

how to make a Youtube Intro

Talking about the Outro, which is the last crucial part of your Video. It is imperative that you include your social media, website or the channels links in your outros for your viewers to follow you. Otherwise, how will they know more about you?


So, in order to bang on your first impression and make it everlasting, a perfect Video Intro is pivotal. And to make it one of a kind that is hard to forget, Arc Solutions is at your respite. From free Intros, thousands of styles and a totally custom one, Arc Solutions has something for every requirement in their gunny bags. So, grab one and make your videos epic. To discuss any query, just contact us!

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