What are Intro and Outros? What are the benefits?

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Benefits of Intro

How a video becomes epic and unforgettable? Is there any secret sauce to it or some formula? Yes, there is! Here it goes.

So, how do we start with something? With an Introduction, isn’t? And end it with a conclusion, right. Both introduction and conclusion are the most crucial part of anything as they give a strong base to it. Exactly the same happens with the videos. Intros start your videos to build your brand identity at the very beginning and Outros execute it with the same elegance for your viewers to follow you. Unless you’ll not place intro/outros in your videos how would people know who are you, what your brand is about, your services, etc? No doubt, the secret sauce to an unforgettable video is a power-pact Intro and Outro. So, here we come up with, what are Intro and Outros?

An 8-10 second’s visual animation at the beginning of your video showing your logo, Brand Name and tagline which intends to explain everything about your Brand is a Video Intro. And an Outro is the last 3-5 seconds of your video which gives your viewers ways to follow you and become your loyal customers.

Here’s how a premium Video Intro looks like:

And, this is how an Outro will proceed:

intro outro maker


Intros are necessary and can be created for every kind of videos, be it gaming, beauty, health, and fitness, education, business, for podcasts, websites, presentations, live shows, etc. You can get any animation style for your logos, brand name and tagline to create your story. Make sure it associates the video with you and your product/services. It eases out the direction in which your video goes. An Intro + a great content + an Outro makes a powerful professional video because an unclear opening and abrupt ending will never make a video popular and effective.

Let’s check out the main ingredients of a powerful Intro:

1. Logo

what are intro and outros

The Logo of your Brand in the Intro makes your Brand immortal. Since the human brain captures the visuals more quickly than just the plain text, thus your Brand Logo instantly leaps into the minds of your viewers and fixes up there. So, every time they’ll watch your video or think about you, your logo will be revoked in their minds.

2. Visuals and Background

Making creative visuals and colorful backgrounds for your Intros makes them a really impressive one. Since your video will start with the Intros, so making them engaging will bring your viewers to the main content and then capture them till the end i.e., Outro.

3. Animation


Select the most interesting animations to make a more professional impression. Animation eases out your Intros and takes them creatively and smoothly to the main content.

4. Background Music

Choose a music that complements your whole video to make your Intro/Outros outstanding. A good music adds weight to an Intro.


The average attention span of a person is 8 seconds and that means you gotta have only 7 seconds to make an impression and to create a bond with your audience. So, this has to be a really attention-grabbing one.

Ok, so to get an impressive Intro/Outro that rules your Video and viewers, there are quite a lot of ways to create them. Online tools, free apps, templates, etc can create them quickly. But, what they lack is a premium quality which is necessary to make your Intro professional and outstanding.

And here at Arc Solutions, imagine any sort of Intro with any animation effects, backgrounds, etc, you’ll get on a single click. Whether, you want a free YouTube Intro, a premium one or a purely customized one, it’s all here.

Just visit the site, check out the packs, speak out your requirements and you’re done. Intro-outros, 100% authentic, unique and fully custom are what you gonna receive. No copyright hassles. Fair prices and the best quality.

No technical knowledge required. At Arc Solutions, every single detail is served on your platter. Free, basic, standard, pro and custom everything in one place. Whether you want it for commercial purpose or for a family video, Arc Solutions will create unforgettable video Intro/Outros for you.

Have a look at this:


So, if you have videos without Intro/Outros, quickly get one created, because it’s the only formula or the secret sauce to make a video unforgettable and professionally impressive.

Log in to Arc Solutions and get really impressive both free and custom Intro/Outros and nail your Videos.

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