How to make a free YouTube Intro?

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How to make a free YouTube Intro

The first and the last 10 seconds of a video can make or break it. Your video’s Intro will either capture the attention of your viewers and hook them into watching or lose you a potential client. And that’s not just the words, it’s the analysis of the viewer engagement which proves the Intro to be the most important and powerful sequence of a video.

It’s that first 8-10 seconds of your work, where you hint your audiences about what you do, who you are? Thus, a chance to make a lasting first impression on your viewers.

When you’re out to make a YouTube Intro, you’ll get Intros, free as well as paid. There are a lot of online tools available to make a free Youtube intro, a lot of free pre-made templates, etc. But, do you really think, these will stand up to your expectations?

If you think, they will. Wait, here are a few facts to change your notion and guide you towards making an amazing YouTube Intro. Check out:

  • No Uniqueness – The both free as well as paid Intro templates are used by thousands and thus offer no uniqueness.
  • Boring design – Most of them are created with the usual old basic fonts, designs and ideas.
  • Low Quality – The free Intro templates often come in low quality.
  • Copyright hassles – Free or even paid templates might get you caught in copyright strikes.
  • Technical knowledge required – A good software knowledge is required to make an Intro with Online tools.

So, these are the pinpoints to consider, when selecting your method to make a free YouTube Intro. Keeping them in mind, we’ve gathered some quick and effortless ways to make a free YouTube Intro:

1. Legend App

Heading with the smallest devices, the smartphones. There are ample apps to create intros. Legend being most used among them. With Legend you’ll just have to change the text, the background music, pick the template you like and voila you’re done.

But, the catch here is, these templates are too basic to use them as Intro. And, if the start is just too basic, how’ll you create a blast then?

You can stuff them in the start. That’s it. There is nothing like very fascinating with them. Have a look at this Intro made through Legend.


  • Quick, easy and free.
  • High-end computer systems not needed.


  • No uniqueness.
  • Very basic templates.
  • Limited customization
  • Basic text animation.
  • No watermark can be added.
  • Low quality.
  • Technical knowledge required.

3. Intro Maker App

Coming up to the iPhones, you’ve got this Intro Maker, it does exactly what legend does. You get to change text, background color, music and set the templates. Both of these apps are totally free. Once you’re done with customizing, export the 1080 footage. But, you won’t be able to add your Watermark. Again, it doesn’t show your uniqueness.

Simply basic! That’s the most which can be said. Have a look at this Intro made through Intro Maker.


  • Easy, quick and free to use.
  • High-end computer systems not needed.
  • A lot of animation effects.


  • Very basic templates.
  • Nothing fancy and creative.
  • No uniqueness.
  • Won’t be able to add your watermark.
  • Low quality.
  • Unintuitive UI.
  • Technical knowledge required.

3. Panzoid

Moving on to the next, we have these free online tools to create Intros. The most popular among them is PanzoidAll you have to do is just enter the site, choose the style from the default set of a few, put the animation, colors, change the text and just download it.

Still, there’ll be no watermark of yours. The very basic Intro is ready. Nothing creative, nothing unique, nothing fun. Have a look at it!


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Templates are easily customizable.
  • Edit videos on the browser, no software needed.


  • The templates you get are too basic.
  • Nothing fancy and creative.
  • No uniqueness.
  • No watermark of yours.
  • Low quality.
  • Good technical knowledge required.
  • Not suitable for gamers.

4. Renderforest

Enough of playing with the “just basic” intros. What’s the point, when your intro isn’t showing the passion for your work? So, taking a little step towards it, we have these free and paid templates on creative sites like Renderforest, Velosofy, and VideoHive. They offer hundreds of free and paid templates.

You can download the free template and use them, but remember the free ones will be too basic and will have the Site’s watermarks on them. And they are more likely to get you caught in copyright hassles. Or if you want to place your watermark, buy the paid ones and spend yet more bucks to customize them as you need.

You’ll also need the compatible AfterEffects software for the same. Since its licensed, again you need to put down good amounts. Moreover, being technically active is the key. This is how it’ll look:


  • Easy to use.
  • Hundreds of free and paid templates.
  • Templates are of standard quality.


  • The templates you get are expensive.
  • Good Software knowledge needed to customize.
  • No uniqueness.
  • Might get you caught in copyright hassles.
  • Free templates can’t have your watermark.
  • Free templates come with low to medium quality.
  • Not free needs to take subscription plans.

Huuhhhh! A lot of work on your side. So, why not make it a little easier? HOW? Below right here!

5. Arc Solutions

And having kept the best for the last is getting a free Youtube Intro from an ace animation Studio, Arc Solutions.  Since they are the experts, they gonna give you the best for your buck.

Arc Solutions are the pioneers in creating intro and outros. Whether, you want a free YouTube Intro, a premium one or a purely customized one, it’s all here. Not only this, with free unlimited revisions and premium quality animation, but it has become the ultimate choice of YouTubers.

Just visit the site, check out the packs, speak out your requirements and you’re done. Intro-outros, 100% authentic, unique and fully custom are what you gonna receive. No copyright hassles. Fair prices and the best quality.

And technical knowledge? Aaah! You don’t need to worry about it, at all. Arc Solutions is there to serve every minute detailing on your platter. Free, basic, standard and custom everything in one place, here at Arc Solutions. Have a look at this!

Gaming, beauty, fitness, corporate and what not? Arc Solutions has something creative for every category of YouTube in their gunny bags.


  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Offers free Intros.
  • No pre-made templates.
  • Custom Animation, customize it as you like.
  • Easy to order and use.
  • No copyright hassles, 100% authentic.
  • Personalized designs, 100% unique.
  • Premium quality in the fairest prices.


  • Might take 2-3 business days to create.

So, if you want your Intro and Outros exactly what you have in your heads, land on to the Intro services of Arc Solutions and you’ll surely be a happy YouTuber.

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