Animated Explainer Videos that tastes different!

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There are different styles of Animated Explainer Videos out there to suit every kind of business. So, once you’re out to get an animated explainer video for your business, you’re going to explore a variety of styles, all are best in themselves. It’s up-to you to decide which’ll go best with your business story.

Well, it can be a little daunting task to find out the best from a pack of best. Since, one style may be perfect for your business, the other might be for some other genre of businesses. So, it could be tricky choosing that perfect one. And for that very purpose, it is important that you know about all of them.

When out for getting a good animated explainer video, you should have these basic questions with you, as to:

  • What are my goals?
  • Who am I targeting? Who are my target audiences?
  • What message do I want to pass on?
  • What’s my budget?

The answers to these questions will save our time in picking the best style and bring you closer to the best results.

Some styles may be funny, some creative, others inspirational and more serious. The key here is to understand your target audience and never forget to use these magical marketing keywords: call-to-action.

The Call-to-Action will directly take your audiences to your site and the rest your sales team will handle.

Here’s what we do:

Now that we have seen what it is all about. Let’s get to the point.


Humanizing your Brand with an ace Cartoon Marketing Video is the most popular and widely used explainer video styles among all. In this style both the characters and the scenes are created in a 2D space. It creates an illusion of depth. It can be a perfect pick for B2B and B2C companies, since it appeals directly to the audience and evokes emotion among them. Its simplistic look is its appealing factor making it ideal to share.


What makes Motion Graphics the best style for your Explainer Videos?

2d Motion Graphics Animation are more engaging and straightforward. It is perfect suited for companies which have a more complicated product or service to explain. The flow graphics make it easier to show how the product or service works and how are the customers going to get benefited from it.

It looks more clear, fresh and dynamic. The audiences start understanding your product in the first second and hook up to is till the end.


How Whiteboard Animation will put your business on the map?

It is yet another one of the most popular and used animation styles for B2B and B2C companies as it explains the products, services and processes a bit deeper. This style is composed of simple black and white illustrations on a Whiteboard to explain a concept.

Whole story is drawn right in front of your eyes and so smoothly that it looks so pleasing. It has that simplistic appeal which offers the benefit of being straightforward and to-the-point.


Live Action as the name says, everything recorded live using a camera. It is beneficial when you want to build a personal relationship with your potential customers. The video compilation has the real scenes in it.

Using a Live Action Video, you have the liberty to put yourself, your company’s processes or employees live in front of the audiences. It is mostly used in testimonials. It is a powerful animated explainer video style as it shows the human side of the brands and which people trust more quickly.


Blackboard Animations are exactly inverted to look like a Whiteboard Animation. We have been brought up seeing Blackboards since our school days. Everyone is familiar with them. So, what would it be like if we create the whole story on that blackboard in front of the viewers. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Very similar to Whiteboard Animation, a Blackboard Animated Video possess a clear concept with fast and smooth moving animations by hand. They don’t have much colors and subtle font styles.

But, if you are looking to add more creativity and fun to your video presentation, then Blackboard animation may not be your perfect pick.


As the name speaks for itself, “Graphical Information in Motion“. An animated info graphic video is a short video describing a business idea or procedure in a quite simple, understandable and compelling way. It combines crisp animation, appealing images and a comprehensible language to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and engage them.

It altogether says what the company does, how can it help the customers and describes why that product or service is best for them, being educative at the same-time. All of this in just 90 Seconds.

Keep these points in mind when you’re out to pick your perfect animated explainer video style, so as to drive great results to your business strategy. Analyze all the options carefully to find the best one according to your needs and then, sky is the limit for your conversions.

Here at Arc Solutions, pick any style you want and get it 100% customized. Contact Us for more information.