5 elements your YouTube Videos must have!

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5 elements your Youtube Intros must have

What’d be the best platform to share your video content other than YouTube? Launched back in 2005, the power and influence of YouTube have grown at a breath-taking speed. Claiming to be the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube has set its mark.

While millions of videos are uploaded every-day in every domain, every video doesn’t taste the success of Brand recognition. Making and uploading a video is far easy than running it successfully. When it comes to make your channel a Brand, the real challenges get rooted. Having a well-designed strategy is must to run your Youtube channel successfully, but every video of yours needs to have a few elements in place to let your strategy reap success.

And here we bring the top and the most essentials elements your Youtube Videos must have. Garb a look!

1. Eye-Catching Intros

Intros have the basic purpose of convincing the viewers to watch your videos, know about you and not to browse the next video. Explain your viewers as what you do, what are you gonna provide them and how are they going to benefit after watching you? Intros shouldn’t be taken lightly because they are the most crucial part of your videos.

The first 8-10 seconds of your video, where your Video title, logo animation, and tagline unfolds is what we call an Intro. The key here is how clearly you are able to convey your ideas? But remember, it shouldn’t be too long to reach the main content because if the intro will be too long the viewers will lose interest and exit before the beginning of the main content.

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2. Unique Logo animation

A unique logo of your Brand makes you recognizable and builds up your loyalty. Your brand colors make your logo vibrant making your viewers and choose you over the competition.

Using logo animation with soothing music humanizes your Brand making it unique and remembered. While the logo can be your corporate logo image or just the name of your channel, the key is to consistently place it on every video you produce.

3. Appropriate background music

Without a soothing and compatible background music, a video and an Intro is incomplete. Background music adds weight to the videos. If you create a signature music for your Brand, it’s gonna become your Brand identity along with your Logo and Intro.

4. A vibrant Outro

how to make intros?

This may seem obvious but every marketing video should have a clear purpose. Not necessarily directly related to sales but a purpose nonetheless. Even more so, you should be able to tell if your video, in fact, performs well. The number of views is a good indicator but it may be misleading for a variety of reasons.

In order to estimate the success of your marketing effort, the video must clearly tell the viewers what is that you want them to do? Click on a link? Subscribe? Share? Download something? Then by tracking the results in your preferred analytics software,  you can actually see how successful your video really is.

Some YouTubers like to give the CTA its own place in the video by placing it in an Outro. It commonly looks like a “Click Here / Do This” text accompanied by some upbeat background music go grab the attention. Using this sequence gives you another opportunity to convince the viewer to act on your CTA before leaving your video.

5. A link to related videos

Apart from an Outro, which might have chances of not being clicked in certain situations, you need to retain the viewers by offering a simple way to other related videos of your channel and to watch more of your content.

The list doesn’t here because, a number of things you can do to make your Videos successful. But, the elements which you must need to have in your Videos are these 5. Incorporating them in your videos are definitely going to grab you, viewers.

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