5 best tips to make a professional YouTube Intro

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5 Tips to make a professional intro

Intros have become that ice-breaking strategy, which can either make or break your Videos. The most crucial first 8-10 seconds of the video. And if you have watched the most successful YouTubers’ videos, you’ve probably noticed it, they all have really awesome intros. And that’s where you need to know the best tips to make a professional YouTube Intro.

Moreover, if you want to increase the conversion rate for your business with these YouTube videos, your intro will fuel it up. An 8-10 seconds animation to attract your viewers and hook them up, giving them genuine reasons to watch it till the end. The first few seconds showcases your brand allowing your viewers to know about you and your business.

It might sound something as easy as pie which can be created in seconds. But, there’s really nothing like this. Creating a high-end professional intro requires a quality time and resources to make it stand out.  It becomes more important and effective when your content is being shared on all other platforms besides YouTube. So, make sure you make an awesome intro to nail it, here is the idea!

5 best tips to make a professional Intro:

1. Keep your Intro short and crisp.


Intros are meant to be a few seconds long. After all, it’s just your introduction, you don’t have to tell the whole story here. If the intro exceeds a few seconds, your viewers gonna lose patience and take the exit from your videos. So, a maximum of 10-15 seconds is the perfect length.


2. Add your Logo and Tagline.


An intro is incomplete and useless without your Logo and Tagline. Including these two will build your Brand recognition and exposure. The more the people will see your name and/or tagline, the more they’ll associate it with you and your awesome YouTube videos.


3. Highlight what you do?

easy Youtube Intros


Your Intro should highlight what you do? A glimpse of your business in its background attracts and engages the viewers for longer. It builds a curiosity in them about you as well as add to your marketing strategy.


4. Ask a question.

Asking questions from the visitors keeps them engaged. They feel as they are valued by you. Their views and suggestions are important for you. And if you’ve done it right, it could turn out to be an elixir in identifying and meeting the requirements of your audiences. But the pointer here is, your questions shouldn’t play with the intelligence and time of your viewers in any way.


5. Set expectations with your Intro.


Remember your viewers won’t all jump at the beginning and start following you. They should get a hint about you and your channel. So, with each upcoming video, set an idea as to what they can expect from you and your YouTube channel.

And not to forget, highlight your uploading scheduling as well as give a call-to-action, to allow your viewers follow you. This is also a really effective way to increase your return viewership.

Just remember these tips and let your intros turn out to leads your videos. The videos, in turn, will attract more target audience, who will turn out to be long-term customers for your business.

So, the result will be more and more viewers will be attracted to your videos leading to wider coverage of your company, products, and services on them. Now that you have everything you need to know to make an effective YouTube Video Intro, just fuel up your YouTube channels with ArcSolutions. Contact us anytime.


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